101 life coaching niches to choose from

Life coaches who resist committing to a specific niche might ride their resistance right out of business.

It’s challenging to get the logic that if you exclude most people from your business, you will end up with a robust clientele. Right? Tell the vast majority of people you cannot help them in order to make way for the narrow range of folks you can help.

That’s how it works.

There’s one other common misunderstanding about life coaching niches. It is this: A life coaching niche may have little if anything to do with demographics.

Sure, you may want to help spiritual-but-not-religious women between the ages of 30-45 who are interested in improving their lives but that says absolutely NOTHING about why these women should hire you. And “improve their lives” doesn’t help that case one bit.

To find your life coaching niche, you’ve got to dig a little deeper and in ways that demographics can’t help.

The best way (by far) to choose your life coaching niche

Pick a problem to help people solve and make that your niche. Design your coaching service around the problem and attract people with the problem. To be sure, you must choose a problem that enough people are willing to pay for help to overcome.

If you have decent life coach training, you should be able to develop an approach to solving it. What follows are 101 examples of such problems that easily lend themselves to developing a life coach niche.

1. Inability to stand up for yourself

There are plenty of us who feel compelled to keep a lid on ourselves. We end up just taking what others have to dish out. We get pushed around a bit. At some point, you get so sick of it that you want help. That’s where a life coach might come in.