7 Things Scientists Have Learned about Productivity

Productivity for life coachesWe’re all chasing productivity. What have scientists learned about it? As a life coach, if you’re not productive, it’s time to get yourself together. The following seven tips may help!

What have scientists learned about productivity? Check it out.

1. They Don’t Know as Much as They Thought

Only in recent years have scientists begun to study productivity. They have made many groundbreaking discoveries in a short time. Leading scientists, however, suggest there is still much to be discovered.

2. Everybody Has a Different Natural Level

Just as people have different natural levels of physical talent, people also can have different levels of mental talent. Some people are naturally more productive. However, natural levels are just a starting point.

3. Anybody Can Be Productive

As previously mentioned, natural productivity levels vary. However, anyone can train themselves to be productive. This is true even of people who aren’t naturally productive.
Technology Can Hurt Productivity If Used Incorrectly

Many people like to talk about how technology can improve productivity. However, it can be a huge distraction. It takes great discipline to use tech productively.

4. Tech Can Help If Used Correctly

If used properly, technology can significantly improve productivity. Many organizations train their employees extensively in the use of technology. This has been proven to be more effective than blocking websites.

5. Caffeine Can Help

Coffee doesn’t just taste good. It improves alertness and memory, which can improve productivity. It may be cost-effective for companies to give their employees free coffee.

6. People with ADD or ADHD Can Be Productive

Many more people are being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD than in years past. Until recently, it was thought that people with these conditions couldn’t be as productive as people without. A combination of therapy and medication, however, can ensure that people with ADD or ADHD are just as productive.

7. The Most Effective Strategy is Time Management

While many other factors can improve productivity, the most important is time management. Time management is a skill that anybody can learn. Many companies in this day and age are holding time management and productivity classes for their employees, and they have seen positive results.

A few simple time management strategies can increase productivity by as much as 50%. Some companies like to pay motivational speakers to talk to their employees. Studies have shown that the positive effects from such speakers last only a few weeks. However, if companies actually teach workers new skills instead of simply trying to motivate them, the results are permanent.

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