Do you Really Need to Know your Life Purpose?

Life coaches and such harp on us to know our life purpose, but how necessary is it?

It’s not.

The world is full of people who meander through life, taking care of biz one day at a time. And they haven’t a clue about any higher purpose.

They’re fine. You don’t need to know your purpose in life, either. You can just live your life without considering any special meaning or mission.

However, there are scientific benefits to knowing your life purpose.

Not made up benefits promoted by people who have something to sell. There are scientific benefits to knowing your purpose. Here are some.

The main benefit of knowing your life purpose?

You live longer.

That’s what the research says. In fact, among people aged 65 and older, those without a felt sense of purpose in life die three times faster than people who believe in their life purpose.

Did I do the math right? Those without a purpose died  – 29% of them. Those with a purpose died, too – but only 9% of them. Those without a life purpose died at three times the rate.

More resistant to heart disease.

Having a purpose in life protects you against heart disease? Apparently. Men with a lower sense of purpose experienced higher levels of cardiovascular disease and death than those with a high sense of purpose.

The study was conducted in Japan with nearly 3000 participants. They ruled out participants who had a history of heart disease, of course. So…average guys, listen up. Having a life purpose protects your heart.

We could go on and on…

Alzheimer’s? Life purpose helps prevent it.

Physical pain? A purpose will diminish it.

Relationships? Those with a purpose have more fulfilling ones.

Resilience? Knowing your purpose helps you handle the ups and downs of life.

Here’s a great article on the benefits of life purpose, with the research cited.